Why We Created The Rod Assist

Offshore fishing can be a struggle for anyone – especially those who lack stamina, hand strength and/or upper body strength, such as children, people with disabilities or the elderly. Rod Assist is specifically designed to make fishing easier and more enjoyable for everyone. It gives the angler more leverage against a fighting fish by changing the arm’s angle and how you pull on the rod. Rod Assist’s perpendicular handgrip significantly reduces rod wobble, making cranking much easier. It also reduces line cross and line buildup on levelwind reels. Functional with most spinning or casting rods, Rod Assist isn’t just for offshore fishing, either – it’s perfect for any powerful freshwater species, like sturgeon, catfish, gar or the giant Nile perch. Rod Assist is an excellent gift for any avid angler. 

Get Rod Assist, and take the fight to the fish!